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LLC "Eltis" is a multipurpose storage fuel terminal in the Russia Federation and in the Port of Rotterdam, Houston port. We offer multiple facilities at our quay and jetties. Choosing Kalinovskoye -tank farm means no translocating, we offer best service you need. No extra costs for stores, because your vessel can be serviced from land. No losing time by moving from one quay to the other.

LLC "Eltis" terminals is a petroleum storage company registered in the russian federation with international storage, owner and operator of tank farms in the port of Rotterdam, Port of Primorsk, port of Naxodka, Port of vladivostok and port of ust-luga. The facilities and operator of these Tank Farms and oil terminals located in the various ports.

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LLC "Eltis" storage and shipping business is an exceptionally competitive environment, challenging and exciting place for you to work. We request commitment....

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Given the increase in the demand for oil and gas and the high rise call for oil storage facilities and warehousing, We thereby increase our input and output, man-power and .....

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Our experienced and professional employees coupled with modernized equipments are competent to serve you better......

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We believe according our philosophy that the bunkering depends on two primary factors: Service and trust. With our experienced, professional team and extensive network.........

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LLC "Eltis" blends a broad range of refinery and petrochemical products from various markets into our fuel oil blending program. We have in-land or in-tank blending...

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HSE) is implemented at all levels of our business and is integrated in our quality assurance system; new employees are provided with a thorough introduction to LLC ELTIS......

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