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About LLC "Eltis"

LLC "Eltis" As Of Today Is One Of The Growing Leader And Dynamic Oil Storage Company Operating Its Tank Farm Terminal And Others In Russia And Rotterdam. We Are Involved In The Business Of Oil And Gas Storage And Tank Farm Leasing Of Various Products With Capacities Of More Than 135,735 M3, Wide Range Of Internal Railway Networks, Rail-Cars And An Automated Blending Unit. Our Distribution Channel And Freight Solutions Are Part Of What Makes Us Distinct As A Company. We Have Various Fleets And That Of Our Partners For Easy Transportation Of Commodities And Cargoes Via Sea Or Inland Water Ways Or By Pipeline Distribution.

We Have Been Operating For Over 1 Decade, And We Are Vast, Flexible And Knowledgeable In This Business With The Touch Of Professionalism In Order To Satisfy Our Customer's Needs.

LLC "Eltis" Tank Farm Is Engaged In The Business Of Oil Products Storage, Via Our Vast Storage Tank Farms Within Russian Linkable Terminals, Terminals In Rotterdam, And Oil Tanker Ships Along The Inland Waterways And Coastal Seas Of European Russia. Our Company Offices Are Located In Moscow And Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, With Large Operations In The Baltic Sea And All Terminals In Rotterdam, Amsterdam Via Our Joint Terminal Venture With LBC Tank Terminals. Our Company Has All Necessary Licenses Of The Transport Ministry Department Of Sea And River Transport Of Russian Federation To Carry Out Its Activity Either On Russian Inland Waterways Or At Sea And Foreign Sea Ports.